Concord Minuteman, 6′

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This 6′ version of the Concord Minuteman was beautifully sculpted by well know artist, Ed Walker. Based on the original version of the Minuteman located in Concord, Massachusetts by Daniel Chester French, Walker visited the original sculpture and museum to do research on both the sculpture and the artist. Working in the style of French, Walker first created a 2′ model which was enlarged and finished as a 6′ figure. The figure is a minuteman, symbolically leaving his coat and plow behind to aid his compatriots in the first battle with the British at the start of the revolutionary war. This figure includes a rifle modeled after a period flintlock musket and is engraved on the base with the the title, “Concord Minuteman”, signed by Ed Walker and including “after Daniel C. French” to give credit to the original artist. This is an edition of 100. The 1/100 is located at the National Guard Headquarter’s Visitor Center in Richmond, VA.

This sculpture is cast using the “lost wax process” at our foundry in Seagrove, NC. All of our bronzes are made with industry standard, silicon bronze and finished by our highly trained artisans. Each of these sculptures is produced after it is ordered. Please understand that these are not mass produced items, but finely crafted, bronze sculptures that will last for generations. Production time is typically 3-4 months.You are more than welcome to visit us for a tour of our facility to gain a better understanding of everything that goes into a quality bronze sculpture.

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  1. Cobus Bester

    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

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